Substitute Teacher Procedures

Each school secretary has access to the substitute list through the Siesta program on her computer. It is updated frequently.

Teachers or principals who need a substitute should contact the sub coordinator by using the substitute submission website at the following address:

In the event the teacher doesn’t have access to email, go ahead and call your school principal to indicate you need a substitute. You may give the information listed below:

  1. Teacher’s name
  2. School
  3. Grade or subject area
  4. Date of absence

The teacher may request one particular substitute; however, if that substitute is not available, another will be booked. The coordinator will place one call to reach the requested sub, then, will move to the next substitute should she be unable to reach the sub you have requested. Time is an important element here and the coordinator does not have enough time to repeatedly try to reach someone to work. Please be aware of this and make certain if you BOOK the person you have requested, indicate this on the request form……the coordinator needs to know this information. Substitutes may be requested up to one month in advance.

Teachers wishing to book their own sub may do so ONLY using the following procedures:

  1. Subs may not be booked more than one month in advance.
  2. The teacher should notify the school secretary once he/ she has booked his/her own sub. Also, please notify the sub coordinator on the web site so that she will not call the substitute to work. The sub coordinator MUST be notified via the Request Page.

Requests for a substitute should be made, by 9:00 P.M. the night before an expected absence. The coordinator will call subs until 11:00 P.M. If you find you need a substitute after 9:00 P.M. the night before or on the morning of an absence, you must contact your principal and NOT THE SUB COORDINATOR.

A list of subs booked for the following day will be sent to each school every evening.

Multiple bookings for teacher training purposes will be completed at the school level or by the curriculum supervisors and will not be filled by the sub coordinator. After bookings are completed, it is the responsibility of the person who does the bookings to report these to the sub coordinator using the web site.

In the event that a teacher needs to cancel or change a booked sub, it is the teacher’s responsibility to contact the substitute. If the substitute is not cancelled and shows up for work, the teacher who booked the sub will be responsible for paying the sub. Contact information for each sub is located in the siesta program. All school secretaries and principals have access to the siesta program. Subs will be paid. If a teacher requests a substitute then books their own after sending a request, there will be two subs showing up for work. Whomever the Substitute Coordinator sends to work will override any other sub booking. The teacher booked sub will be sent home without pay unless the teacher wants to pay them out of pocket. If Sub Coordinator’s sub is sent home, he/she will be paid full day’s pay. Please keep this in mind….they are to be paid whether or not they are used if the Sub Coordinator sends them to work.

Please request a sub only once. To confirm a booking, you should check the daily fax that is sent to each school office. Do NOT contact the sub coordinator.

In the event the sub coordinator is called away on an emergency, an email message will be sent to everyone in the system indicating requests for a substitute must go to the principals.

Long term subs will be worked out with the principal and the Personnel Department, as in the past.

If substitutes have to break a previous commitment, they will be instructed to notify the particular school and NOT the sub coordinator. The principal will then email the sub coordinator. Each school should have some kind of voice mail or number for this purpose. If the sub is unable to reach the school to report their absence, he/she will leave a message for Kathy Phillips, who will notify the school after 8 a.m.

For last minute subs, the principal should begin calling names from the bottom of the high school substitute list, working backwards.

Please fill out a substitute evaluation for every substitute you have. Forms may be obtained in your school office.

Each teacher MUST provide lesson plans for the substitute. The lesson Plan should be extensive enough to cover the entire classroom session. A generic lesson plan should be kept available in the event teacher is unable to provide a current lesson plan. This should be an alternative teaching the substitute teacher may follow.

Specifics regarding students are helpful for the substitute teacher. Please leave notes regarding special needs of students and/or helpful students that can provide more information for the substitute teacher.