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Ms. Miranda Whittington

9th Grade Counselor, (423) 478-1113, ext 8504

Twitter: @freshmenraiders


Adminstrator:  Mr. Bob Pritchard

  • Welcome to CHS-video uploaded 2.4.19

    Class of 2023! 

    I will keep updating this website often so check back for more information.  Below is last years info but I dont think much will change, so check it out! 

    Feb. 28th CHS will host our 8th Grade Showcase Night.  On this night you can speak to represenatives about sports, choir, band, JROTC, TVEC as well as speak to teachers about specific subjects and take tours of the building.  All 8th graders are welcomed including those who think they might transfer here from other school systems. 

    Class of 2022 info but still relevant. YouTube Video- Vocab, Classes, Resources

    Updated: 1/25/2019

  • Here's a list of activities CHS has to offer and contact information: CHS Sports and Activities Contact Updated 1/25/19


    Core Classes
    • English or English H
    • Physical Science or Chemistry 1 H
    • Math Options-
      • Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 H
      • Geometry H
    • Social Studies: Freshman are not required to take a Social Studies class however we do offer AP Human Geography is optional for 9th graders.  This is an Honors Class and requires a TVAAS projection of 80% or higher.  
    • **Honors level courses require a minimum TVAAS projection of 80% or higher.  If you are unsure of your student's projections you can contact their school counselor. 

    9th Grade Core Course Descriptions

    Fine Art Classes- must choose at least 1

    Survey of Fine Arts, Band, Choir, Color Guard, Art 1, or Theater 1

    Wellness is a required class from the state of TN that includes health and physcial activitiy.

    • Wellness (Males) or Wellness Weights (Males)*
    • Wellness (Females) or Wellness Weights (Females)*
    *Wellness Weight classes are for school athletes only 
    Elective Class Options: 
    • Computer Applications
    • Introduction to Engineering
    • Health Science Education
    • Digital Media Production
    • Public Speaking
    • Leadership 1- Application and Program Acceptance is required
    • Robotics and Automation (STEM)
    • Aviation
    • JROTC- Air Force 
    • Journalism 1
    • Visual Literacy 

    Culinary Arts, Automotive, Comsetology, and Criminal Justice are not offered to Freshmen.  These classes are only open to 10-12 graders. 

    9th Grade Elective Course Descriptions

    You can learn more about a course by viewing our 2018-2019 Course Descriptions HERE
    You can learn more about our CTE (Career Technical Education) classes HERE 
    4- Year Course Sequence can be found here:  Class of 2020 4 Year Course Sequence 
    Raider Scholar and AP Scholar Requirements

    Raider Scholar Requirements (2019 and Beyond) 

    -3.5 or higher GPA
    - take 4 AP classes or 2 AP & 2 DE classes over the next 4 years
    -Every year you must take 3 Honors level classes.  2 out of those 3 must be core classes.  Core classes include English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. 
    AP Scholar
    To be awarded the AP Scholar Award from the National College Board a student must score a 3 or higher on 3 or more AP Exams.  
    AP Human Geography is the only AP class Freshman can take.  
    Graduate of Distinction
    4.0 GPA all 4 years of high school. 

    Understanding Block Schedules

    You will have 4- 90 minute classes in the Fall and 4-90 minute classes in the Spring.  Each class you pass you will earn 1 credit towards graduation.  To graduate from CHS you must earn 28 credits.  Ideally, you will need to earn 8 credits every year to stay on course to graduate.  


    TVEC Info