• Pick-up/ Drop-off Guidelines:

    • The school issues each student a pick-up card with their name on it along with printed procedures.
    • Use right lane for drop-off/pick-up only.  Use the left lane for exiting the campus. There should be no parking on the grass
    • Students should load/unload at the curb only, near the covered portion of the sidewalk.  Students are not allowed to cross the driveway as this presents a major safety hazard.
    • Upon entering the loading/unloading area, please pull all the way forward and allow your child to meet you there.  We load three to four students at a time. 
    Morning Car Drop-off  (Note: This is a new procedure. Please read.)

    • All students, regardless of grade, may be dropped off at Door C (the 4th/5th grade door) from 7:40-8:25.  This is the only entrance for car riders.  Door A (the front circle) is for walkers, only. All other doors will be locked in the morning. This is a new procedure. The change was created to ensure a safer learning environment.
    • Door C (the drop-off door) will be locked at 8:25.
    • After 8:25, parents may park and bring students in through the office, as their student will be tardy. All students must be in the classroom by 8:30.

    Afternoon Car Pick-up   (Note: This is a new procedure. Please read.)

    • K-2nd grade students will be released from Door B (the kindergarten door). As in the past, older siblings may walk down to this area and be loaded in the car with their younger brothers/sisters.
    • 3rd-5th grade students will be released from Door C (the 4th/5th gr door).
    • No students will be released from the "Front Circle."  This area is reserved for parents who walk to get their children from the neighborhoods around Stuart, day care vans, emergencies and parents who need to pick up children early for doctor appointments. Please note, students checked out before 3:30 are considered "early check-outs." These days add up the same as tardies and can count toward truancy issues.

    In an effort to expedite the pick-up of your student, please display this card on the dash of your vehicle, or hang from your mirror with a child's pants hanger. 

    Walkers must have a special card to pick-up their student. Only parents with a "Walker Card" may use this service. All other parents must remain in their car and pick-up students from the designated areas.


    If you need an additional card please inform your student’s teacher or email Pam Gowin at pgowin@clevelandschools.org

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Below is a map to assist you.