Cleveland City Schools

Every Child, Every Day!

  • Beliefs Statement

    Our BELIEFS about Cleveland City Schools:

    • We believe that Cleveland City Schools is a learning organization that focuses on continuous learning at all levels.
    • We believe in mutual respect between and among adults and students.
    • We believe that innovation, creativity, and risk-taking in a safe and healthy environment allows for a more effective outcome.

    Our BELIEFS about our roles:

      We believe students’ attention and commitment must be earned in order for learning to occur at high levels.
    • We believe teachers are instructional leaders and curriculum designers.
    • We believe principals are instructional leaders that our teachers look to for support.
    • We believe support staff create an environment that enables students to learn at high levels.
    • We believe parents are our partners and members of the school community.
    • We believe the role of the Director of Schools is one of moral and intellectual leadership and central office staff are collaborative by design and serve as capacity builders.
    • We believe that the school board functions as a team and sees its role as building community and advocating for the students, staff, and citizens of Cleveland City.

    Based on our BELIEFS, We will…

      …plan for learning to occur
    • …teach for understanding
    • …assess our learners to determine next steps
    • …incorporate problem-solving and innovation in teaching and learning
    • …use Tennessee State Standards to guide our instruction and teaching
    • …sustain a collaborative culture with a focus on learning for all
    • …engage our families and communities
    • …recruit, retain, and develop highly competent, diverse educators
    • …build leadership capacity within our educational community