• Medical Science

    My name is Lauren McIntyre and I have been a nurse for ten years and am very excited to teach Medical Science at Cleveland Middle School. During my nursing career I have worked in many different areas such as the ER, ICU, Dialysis Clinic and a Plastic Surgeon’s office. From that experience I have lots of knowledge and skills to share with my students. I have always been interested in teaching and working in the school system. The nursing field provides you with so many different opportunities in various areas. I am so thankful for this opportunity and look forward to investing in the lives of our students.

    In Medical Science, sixth grade learns about the basic structure of our body such as skeletal and muscular systems. The students enjoy making a clay skeleton and drawing muscles to    be displayed in the class. We also discuss the history of healthcare and medical advancements. At the end of the nine weeks we end with the cardiovascular system and the dissection of a pig heart to learn and review the anatomy.

     This is a semester long class that students can take during their seventh or eighth grade year. We discuss the different careers and salaries in healthcare. The students will develop a career profile that they present and have a brief knowledge of what the field requires for education. They will also learn about the nervous system/Psychology, infection control, the respiratory system, digestive system, blood types and products, how to take a blood pressure, vital signs, and basic first aid. This class will also dissect a cow’s liver to see the muscle fibers and do a simulation of blood products.

  • Business and Communications Academy

    Hannah Medema graduated from Lee University with degrees in Business and Education. Before she became a teacher, she worked in the Business field. Currently, she teaches while also owning and operating a small side business called the K + H Company. Using her business and communications experience, she links her curriculum and students to the outside business community. She hopes to encourage and prepare students to pursue careers that they love after middle and high school.

    At CMS, the Business and Communications Academy includes classes like Media Technology, RaiderTV, and Computer Applications. Though all classes focus on Technology, they are all extremely different.

    Media Technology is a course for 6th and 7th grade in which students are introduced to basic computer and communication skills. Students will practice word processing, photography, interviewing, public speaking, coding and more. 

     RaiderTV is a course for 8th grade in which students create, manage, and produce broadcasts with news and campus updates for CMS. The production utilizes state-of-the-art equipment that is equivalent to what professionals use in the broadcasting industry.

    Computer Applications is a duel credit course for 8th grade in which students can receive middle school, high school and college credit simultaneously. The class material dives deep into Microsoft Word, Power Point, and Excel.

  • Engineering Technology

  • TSA