• 8th grade Supply List 

    2 Boxes of Tissues

    1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer


    Notebook Paper

    2 Spiral Notebooks

    Calculator TI-84 (Algebra Only)

    Colored Pencils

    Individual Pencil Sharpener with shavings holder

    Ink Pens (blue, black, and red only)

    1 ream of printer paper



    7th Grade Supply List

    Purchase the following supplies on your own and bring to school the first full day:

    (2) Pack notebook paper

    (1) 2"-3" diameter 3-ring binder notebook. (preferably one with a zipper)

    (6) Folders with pockets and paper fasteners (1 per subject)

    (1) Pencil pouch (large enough to hold pencils and colored pencils)

    (2) Sets of 24 colored pencils (preferably Twistables)

    (1) Calculator: Every student MUST have a Tl-15 calculator that may be purchased from CMS for $20.00 (price may change)

    (1) Personal pencil sharpener (type that holds the shavings)

    (5) Composition notebooks (marbled cover)

    (1) Pack of 24 Pencils (mechanical preferred with extra lead)

    (1) Pack of red pens for checking

    (1) Highlighter

    (2) Pack of 4x6 index cards (white and unlined)

    (3) Boxes of facial tissue

    (4) Glue sticks

    (1) Pack of multicolored construction paper

    (1) Container of Clorox wipes

    (1) Pack of Dry Erase markers (fat Expo brand, please)

    (1) Pair of scissors

    (1) Earbuds/headphones (extremely important for use with Chromebooks!)

    NOTE: Some supplies might need to be replenished throughout the year.



    6th Grade Supply List

    **Please note: additional supplies will be required by individual teams. The following items are required by all 6th grade teams. **

    (2) packs of notebook paper

    (5) folders with pockets and center prongs

    (1) pencil pouch (large enough to hold pencils & colored pencils)

    (2) sets of 24 colored pencils (preferable Twistables)

    (1) calculator: Every student needs to have a TI-15 calculator that may be purchased from CMS for $20.00 (price may change)

    (1) personal pencil sharpener (type that holds shavings)

    (1) pack of 24 pencils (mechanical preferred with extra lead)

    (1) highlighter

    (3) boxes of facial tissue

    (4) glue sticks

    (1) container of Clorox wipes

    (2) rolls of paper towels

    (1) pair of earbuds/headphones for use with the Chromebooks

    Note: Some supplies will need to be replenished throughout the year.