Thank you for taking the time to learn as much as possible about creating a successful kindergartener because you and I know these little ones are so very special and important. My goal is to have each child reach his/her academic potential by the end of the year, while making many new friends and having lots of fun along the way. I feel that few things are as important as a strong education.
    Together, you and I make a powerful team. I appreciate your support of and assistance to your child in reaching this goal. At the same time, I want your child to feel safe and loved and to grow in character as much as academics throughout this school year. Know that I will work hard to be sure your child is prepared for first grade in every way.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time. My preferences are email (awsmith@clevelandschools.org) or a note in the folder. I am also happy to schedule a conference at any time you feel a need.
    Two things I need from you, beginning the first day of school: daily checking of the folder and taking care of anything required therein. Attention to those tasks will keep your child on track and communication at a premium. It will also allow them to feel more secure with themselves by staying organized. 
    Again, I thank you for your interest and involvement. You are going to be amazed by your child's growth in every way. We have lots to keep us busy on the kindergarten path, so, get ready and let's have a great year!