• Welcome to Arnold Elementary's PE program!  
    Below are the days of the week that your child has physical education.  Please remind your child to wear tennis shoes.
    Monday:           Akins, Reid, Martin, Smith, Ellis, Guinn, Pollard, Blackmon, Shelton, Gowin
    Tuesday:           Donnelly, Reid, Melton, Martin, Pollard, Matthews, Mantooth, Lenz
    Wednesday:      Akins, Donnelly, Melton, Martin, Smith, Ellis, Guinn, Runyan, Hubbard, Moss
    Thursday:          Akins, Donnelly, Reid, Melton, Martin, Smith, Pollard, Hubbard, Gowin
    Friday:               Akins, Donnelly, Reid, Melton, Smith, Ellis, Guinn, Runyan, Moss