• Welcome to Arnold Memorial Elementary Physical Education!!!
    We are very excited to teach our students lifelong skills that will help them maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.
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    ** Please remind your child to wear athletic shoes to ensure his or her safety as well as the other students**
    Below are the times that your child has Physical Education:
    Monday: Akins, Reid, Martin, Smith, Ellis, Guinn, Pollard, Blackmon, Shelton, Gowin
    Tuesday: Donnelly, Reid, Melton, Martin, Pollard, Matthews, Mantooth, Lenz
    Wednesday: Akins, Donnelly, Melton, Martin, Smith, Ellis, Guinn, Runyan, Hubbard, Moss
    Thursday: Akins, Donnelly, Reid, Melton, Martin, Smith, Pollard, Hubbard, Gowin
    Friday: Akins, Donnelly, Reid, Melton, Smith, Ellis, Guinn, Ruyan, Moss