• Welcome to Mrs. Salyer's third grade class! This is my 13th year to be a teacher. I have taught first grade for 2 years, second grade for 5 years, and this is my 6th year to teach third grade. 
    I teach ELA (English/Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Writing) and Social Studies. My class combines with Miss Hicks' class (she teaches Math and Science). I tend to teach in different ways whether through singing, dressing up, playing games, using media, reading short passages, using textbooks, or novel studies. My students are up and moving around the classroom often. I do NOT typically give homework- actually the only time my students come home with homework (other than study for a spelling or vocabulary test) is if they have not worked for me during the day. I want my students to enjoy their afternoons at home with their families, just as I want to each mine.
    I love teaching! Any chance that I have to make a difference is a gift to me. I often sing in my classroom and have been known to dress up like different characters. I try to think outside of the box when delivering new skills to my students. I attempt to make it as fun and entertaining as I can so it will make an impression on them and help them remember each lesson.