• Communications at Cleveland Middle School 

    The communications classes at Cleveland Middle School are designed to be a part of a holistic curriculum that develops students to be ready to solve tomorrow's problems. In addition to RaiderTV (daily, news show and broadcasting course), Cleveland Middle School offers two communications classes that build foundational skills.

    7th/8th Grade: What We Do in Class (18 Week Course)


    Students will be introduced to photo editing and manipulation in Photoshop.  Students will complete several workshops on Photoshop tools and effects.  During this process, students will practice their photo editing skills by using stock photographs provided by the instructor.  As a culminating project, students will take their own photos and edit them for presentation to the class.

    Video Productions

    Students will begin learning the basics of scripting and video editing.  Students will research and form a script that highlights events that have happened in history on their birthday.  Then, the students will have the opportunity to record the video using a teleprompter.  Finally, students will edit the movie and apply chroma-key effects to the green screen background for a finished product.

    Public Speaking

    Students will complete a research project that culminates in a presentation to the class.  Students are given a list of possible topics from their 7th and 8th grade science and social studies curriculum.  Then, students research the topic and cite sources.  The students then create a presentation and practice it to peers for feedback.  Finally, students will present their research to the entire class.

    Web Design

    Students will complete a web design project based on the parameters set out by the CTE club TSA. This club hosts annual competitions in varying technological fields, and it allows students to meet, interact, and compete with students from around Tennessee. The best web projects from the students in this class will be invited to attend the competitions as a part of the club to show off their website.

    Video Game Design

    Students will learn the basics of object based programming during a unit of video game design.  This project requires holistic development of skills that will be useful even outside of a career in video game creation. It develops critical thinking and logic skills that prepare students for abstract reasoning, and it requires teamwork and project management skills that prepare students for the real world.  Students will work through tutorials for creating pre-designed games at the beginning. Then, as their skills progress, the students will plan, design, and present to the class an originally created video game.



    6th Grade: What We Do in Class (9 Week Course)

    Desktop Publishing

    Students will begin with a desktop publishing unit. In this unit, students create a fictitious business that sells a good or a service. Then, students create a business card for themselves as a member of the business they created. Students are encouraged to make their business card professional. Next, students must create a newsletter for their business. It could include new products, sales, employee highlights, or any other relevant information. Both products go through a peer review process in which students receive input on their designs and can modify accordingly.

    Public Speaking

    Students will create a presentation centered around the topic of a famous scientist or mathematician. Students will first complete a research project where they take notes on their subject. Then, students will begin creating a presentation based on the research they collected. Once complete, students will present in small groups to refine their skills before presenting to the entire class.

    News Reports

    Utilizing the skills that the students learned from the public speaking project, they will begin a similar unit with a partner focused around creating a news report. The news report should be based on a recent news story. Students must research the topic, plan, and develop a script for their news report that holistically covers the information they gathered. The students will present their news report on camera to their classmates. The report is recorded, and the students will watch it back later. This gives them a good overview of the way that other perceive them in regards to voice, inflections, pauses, and body language. This is always a tremendous learning opportunity for the students, and they reflect over the process of what they learned about themselves and public presentations after the unit is complete.