• Reading Adventure Let's go on a reading adventure!

    Welcome to the Yates library.  The goals of the library program are to inspire a love of reading, put quality books into students’ hands and teach students the reading and research skills they need to grow into productive citizens.

    Students will visit the library as a class two to three times a week depending on the rotating schedule.  Visit one is an academic reading lesson.  The second visit is check out day; once your child has a signed library contract, the student will select a book/books to bring home.  The third visit will be learning how to properly use the library and its information technology or the students may visit literacy stations.

    Our librarian is Jennifer Johnson.  If you wish to contact her about your child, reading recommendations, volunteering in the library or for book fair information, e-mail her at jjohnson@clevelandschools.org or send her a written note.

    Our school offers a web-based program that offers free access to thousands of e-books your student can use on a smartphone, tablet or computer called myON Reader.  You must access it going through the app, Clever. Download the free app (search Clever).  Then click on the myON Reader logo. You can get your student's username and password from the classroom teacher. 

    Let the reading adventure begin!