• Denning Center
    Parent information regarding
    Emergency Procedures
    The following information is provided to give direction to Denning Center families in the case of an emergency situation.
    Everyone will be escorted out of the building to a designated area. This will include all staff, parents, and students. Once all students are accounted for and fire officials have secured the situation, a parent or guardian may check their student out through a designated school employee.
    Students will be placed in the halls seated against the sturdiest walls available. During a tornado warning, students may not be checked out. Parents are welcome to come into the school to take cover. Once the warning is lifted and everyone is accounted for, students may be checked out.
    Soft Lockdown
    In the event of a medical emergency or a student in distress, we will make an announcement for all students to remain in their classrooms and for hallways to be cleared. Students will be allowed to check- out once the situation has been resolved.
    Intruder Lockdown
    If there is a threat on campus, all doors will be locked and students will be placed out of view. During a lockdown, no one will be allowed to come in or be dismissed from the building until the lockdown is complete. Once all students have been accounted for and law enforcement gives the okay, students may be check out by a designated employe