Cleveland City Schools Grant Review Procedure

  • Contact Dr. Jeff Elliott,  jelliott@clevelandschools.org,  to inform him of the intent to write a grant proposal.
  • An initial review of the grant will be conducted to confirm how the proposal strengthens the system strategic plan and the individual school improvement plan.
  • A designated AOB Supervisor will provide assistance to the grant writer and coordinate obtaining the required signatures.
  • The grant writer will make a copy of the completed grant and send to the designated AOB supervisor.
  • The designated AOB Supervisor will send the final grant copy to Dr. Jeff Elliott.

Allied Arts – Arts in Education Grant

The Arts in Education Teacher Grant is sponsored by the Allied Arts Council of the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce. Monies for the grants are raised each year through Chairees Jubilee, a fund raiser that supports the arts for our community. The grant is for K-12 teachers or organizations who offer programs for K-12 students in the Cleveland/Bradley County school systems. The grant is $500 and must be for a quality art project or program for the classroom or school. Please read the grant, especially the guideline page, before writing. This is a wonderful way to add art back to your classroom, and we hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Download the Application

Bradley/Cleveland Public Education Foundation Grants

Foundation Grants Link