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    ACT - State of Tennessee

    • Subject(s) Assessed: English, Mathematics, and Science
    • Grade Levels Covered: 10th-12th
    • Purpose and Description: The ACT is a nationally recognized benchmark assessment for college and career readiness. By taking the ACT, students, parents, and teachers can gain valuable information on their readiness for college and career. The ACT is required for admission to most technical schools as well as two- and four-year colleges and universities. The state of Tennessee provides for every student to take the ACT on-campus during his/her 11th grade year in the Spring as well as a second attempt in the fall of the 12th grade year. For more information, visit the state ACT website.
    • Required by: Tennessee requires 11th and 12th grade participation
    • Schedule: 11th Grade: Tuesday, March 2, 2021; 12th Grade: Tuesday, October 6, 2020
    • Time Requirement: 175 minutes of testing (1 day)
    • When to Expect Results: Typically, results from March testing are back in early May. Senior retake results from October Testing are back in early December.

    Canvas Learning Management System

    Canvas is Cleveland City School's Learning Management Software. As part of the software, teachers have access to create online assessments that factor into individual class grades or are used for formative assessment purposes. For more information, please contact your student's teacher.


    • Subject(s) Assessed: English and Mathematics
    • Grade Levels Covered: K-8th
    • Purpose and Description: The easyCBM Universal Screener is used to help schools identify students that may need more support or other types of instruction than primary classroom instruction. It is part of Tennessee's RTI2 Initiative, and you can read more at the state's website.
    • Required by: State of Tennessee
    • Schedule: Testing is performed in August, December, and May for Grades K-6 and in May only for grades 7-8.
    • Time Requirement: Testing takes approximately 25 minutes for K and 1st, 60 minutes for 2nd, and 75 minutes for 3rd to 8th grades.
    • When to Expect Results: Communication directly from the school will arrive within weeks of each administration. Contact your school's RTI Facilitator for more information.


    • Subject(s) Assessed: English, Mathematics, and Science
    • Grade Levels Covered: Random classes from 4th, 8th, and 12th grades are selected by the state via NAEP organizers.
    • Purpose and Description: NAEP is a national testing initiative that randomly selects schools and students to test each year. For more information, see the state's website.
    • Required by: State of Tennessee
    • Schedule: Window is from January 28, 2021-March 15, 2021 [Exact dates TBD]
    • Time Requirement: 60-90 minutes
    • When to Expect Results: Results are not reported at the student level

    System District Benchmarks (Delivered through iReady Platform)

    • Subject(s) Assessed: English and Mathematics
    • Grade Levels Covered: 3rd-10th
    • Purpose and Description: Cleveland City Schools employs the iReady online platform to administer a series of at least 3 (2 at CHS) benchmarks that coincide with the system pacing guides and mimic the TCAP/EOC (TNReady) assessments at the end of classes. Data meetings are held after each benchmark with teachers to run student- and class-level item and standards analysis to assist teachers in better planning to fill gaps or move on from mastered standards. These are formative assessments in addition to state-mandated testing and are used to enhance teacher- and student-level short term data to identify and address areas of instructional need.
    • Required by: Cleveland City Schools
    • Schedule:
      • Benchmark 1 Window: TBD
      • Benchmark 2 Window: TBD
      • Benchmark 3 Window: TBD
    • Time Requirement: Benchmark tests last between 15-60 minutes depending on the number of standards covered.
    • When to Expect Results: Student Results are immediately available through the iReady Portal.

    TCAP/EOC (TNReady)

    • Subject(s) Assessed: English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
    • Grade Levels Covered: 2nd-12th
      • Note: For certain Special Services populations, students take the TCAP-Alt/MSAA. For more information please visit the state's Alternate Assessment Website.
    • Purpose and Description: Please see the State Website.
    • Required by: State of Tennessee
    • Schedule:
      • CCS Master Testing Calendar [coming soon] (For 2020/21, each school will set an individual schedule within the state window)
      • State Window
        • Fall EOC: November 30, 2020-December 17, 2020
        • Spring EOC and TCAP: April 12, 2021-May 6, 2021
    • Time Requirement: State Times
    • When to Expect Results: For EOC, Raw Scores will be returned and entered into gradebooks before the end of the school year. For all grade levels, student reports are available upon return to school in the following year.


    • Subject(s) Assessed: EL Students
    • Grade Levels Covered: All
    • Purpose and Description: Please see the State EL Assessment Website
    • Required by: State of Tennessee
    • Schedule: Tenative Dates: February 17-April 3, 2021
    • Time Requirement: 45-60 minutes
    • When to Expect Results: ESL faculty communicate student results before the end of the school year.