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Teachers of the Year

Cleveland City Schools is proud to announce our building level and district level Teachers of the Year. These teachers are being recognized for their dedication to the students of Cleveland City Schools.

Arnold Memorial Elementary School - Angela Denton (3rd Grade)

Blythe Bower Elementary - Jesse Wood (5th Grade)

Mayfield Elementary - Rebecca Brown (K-5 Special Education)

George R. Stuart Elementary - Brandi Beard (Kindergarten)

  1. L. Ross Elementary - Cori Lawson (5th Grade)

Yates Primary - Ronda Phillips (K-2 Technology)


Cleveland Middle School -    Emily Raper (7th Grade English)

                                                Loes Riggins (6th Grade ELA, Science, Social Studies)

                                                Terry Esquinance (6th Grade ELA)


Cleveland High School -       Linda Lemons (11th Grade  English)

                                                Mark Miles (11th and 12th  Grade  AP Calculus, College Algebra)

                                                Jennifer Colbaugh (9th Grade English)


Cleveland City Schools District Level Teachers of the Year:

Elementary Level:                Brandi Beard                      

Cleveland Middle School:     Emily Raper

Cleveland High School:        Linda Lemons