Bullying Information & Resources

Definition of Bullying

Bullying can be defined as repeated and systematic harassment and attacks on others, perpetrated by individuals or groups. Bullying takes many forms and can include many different behaviors, such as but not limited to:

  • Physical violence and attacks
  • Verbal taunts, name-calling and put downs including ethnically-based verbal abuse and gender-based put downs
  • Threats and intimidation
  • Extortion or stealing of money and possessions
  • Exclusion from the peer group
  • Cyber bullying

Dr. Dyer’s Message:

Bullying of students is an issue of importance for the staff of Cleveland City Schools. Collectively, we will do all we can to work with students and parents to ensure bullying does not take place in our schools. A proactive approach to bullying prevention will take place through our school counseling program and reinforcement of expectations will be handled through our teachers and administrators in the schools. We believe in our motto of “Every Child, Every Day.” Parents, we need your help in the fight against bullying. Please help send the message that there is no place for this type of behavior in our society. Thank you for your assistance and support, and please let any of our school staff know if we can be of assistance.

Russell Dyer, Ed.D.
Director of Schools
Cleveland City Schools

Reference board policies 6.304

Action Plan

Classroom Activities and Resources

Classroom activities on an ongoing basis are important to the anti-bullying program. The following measures should be taken in the classroom:

  • Developing a class code of conduct with regard to treatment of other students, with specific reference to bullying and exclusion of other students. Both desirable and unacceptable behavior should be simply and clearly defined and written, with student input.
  • Following up with immediate, consistent, non-violent consequences for all bullying and aggressive behavior.
  • Recognizing and praising positive friendly and supportive behaviors of students toward one another on a frequent basis.
  • Teaching non-violent, non-racist and non-sexist ideas, values and behaviors, as a core part of the daily curriculum.
  • Teaching social skills, including communication, making friends, accepting feedback from others, conflict resolution, appropriate assertiveness and problem solving.
  • Modeling by the teacher of positive, respectful, and supportive behavior by teacher toward students.
  • Using cooperative learning groups to include less popular, more timid children in small, positive and accepting social groups.

Working together, we can make a difference!

Tips for parents if your child is dealing with a bullying situation:

Step 1 – Work With Your Child

  • Thank your child for telling you and discuss the specifics about the situation. Who is doing the bullying? What happened? Where did it take place?
  • Find out how your child responded to the situation and if others were present.
  • Have your child report the situation to a member of the school staff.

Step 2 — Work With The School

  • Meet with your child’s teacher and discuss what is happening to your child.
  • Meet with the school counselor.
  • (Go to Step 3 if needed)

Step 3 — Work With Building Level Administration and District Administration

Tips for Students

  • If bullied, tell a teacher, school staff member and parents. Telling is NOT tattling if you feel hurt or scared. It is reporting.
  • Do not retaliate or get even.
  • Respond in a firm voice without losing your temper, or say nothing and walk away.
  • Stand by each other. If you watch, laugh, or ignore you are part of the problem. It is your school!

Tips for Teachers

  • Know your school and district policies on bullying
  • Treat students and others with respect
  • Conduct classroom activities about bullying
  • Take immediate action when a situation occurs

Resource Links

School/Administration Contact Information

  • Arnold Memorial Elementary School – 472-2241
  • Blythe-Bower Elementary School – 479-5121
  • Cleveland High School – 478-1113
  • Cleveland Middle School – 479-9641
  • Donald P. Yates Primary – 479-1723
  • E.L. Ross Elementary School – 479-7274
  • George R. Stuart Elementary School – 476-8246
  • Mayfield Elementary School – 472-4541
  • Denning Center – 339-0902
  • Cleveland City Schools Administrative Offices – 472-9571

Cleveland City Schools offers educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age, and disability and adheres to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)