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  • Fill Up and Help Local Schools

    CITGO Spirit Pumps

    Our local Harry's CITGO stations are donating a minimum of $1000 to the elementary schools that are closest to their gas stations. Fill up at the designated pump at your neighborhood CITGO and 1 cent of every gallon goes to that school for a limited time - September 15, 2017 to January 5, 2018.

    Harry's #1 (150 Mouse Creek Road) - Yates Primary
    Harry's #8 (1801 Dalton Pike) - Blythe-Bower Elementary
    Harry's #15 (660 Inman Street) - Arnold Memorial Elementary
    Harry's #16 (4512 Mouse Creek Road) - E. L. Ross Elementary
    Harry's #21 (2705 20th Street) - Mayfield Elementary