School Safety Department

The School Safety Department oversees the day-to-day safety and security operations of Cleveland City Schools. Security personnel are members of the education support staff, which means they are trained to work directly with students to prevent and solve school safety issues. District safety administrators work closely with school security officers, School Resource Officers, and school staff to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

Through a partnership with the Cleveland Police Department, each of the Cleveland City Schools has a School Resource Officer (SRO) on campus.

During a school emergency, communication will be sent to families. It's important for families to follow the instructions sent via text message, email, and automated phone calls. In an emergency, we ask that families not call or visit the school until it's all clear.

"The midst of a crisis is not the time to let students, staff, and families know what to do in an emergency. That needs to occur before it happens." - Margaret Spelling

STOPit App

Cleveland City Schools has partnered with the STOPit App, an online and app-based program to empower students, parents, and teachers to anonymously report concerns to school officials for Cleveland Middle and Cleveland High Schools.

How to Report Your Concern

You may submit anonymous reports with text, photos, or videos through STOPit.

  • Download the STOPit app or visit the website and use the district access code provided to each grade level by their campus administrators.

  • Click on your "STOPit" icon

  • Select your school

  • Make your report

Grade Level

STOPit Code

6th Grade


7th Grade


8th Grade


9th Grade


10th Grade


11th Grade


12th Grade


Soft Lockdown

A soft lockdown is a short-term measure implemented to isolate students and staff from the non-threatening situation at the school or in the community. Students continue to hold a fairly regular school experience. Outside doors are locked, students are not allowed to go outside, and students may remain in the same class for an extended period. This may happen due to a medical emergency at the school or police activity near the school building.


A lockdown is implemented when an imminent threat is identified on the campus, or the school is directed by law enforcement to implement a lockdown. Staff will secure their classrooms and hold in place until law enforcement gives clearance. No one will be allowed to enter the building during this time.


An evacuation occurs when the building is or may become dangerous. Students and staff are directed to exit the building to a safe area outside. Some other examples include fire/smoke, gas leak, and a threat.


During a weather alert, students and staff move to a specific area and prepare as trained and practiced to shelter-in-place. Some examples of these are extreme weather (severe storm, tornado etc.).