Federal Programs & Professional Development


Federal Programs

K-12 public schools in the United States receive federal funding through various programs aimed at improving educational opportunities and outcomes for students. These federal programs provide financial assistance, resources, and support to schools, teachers, and students.


Dr. Valery Taylor
Supervisor of Federal Programs & Professional Development
(423) 472-9571

Professional Development

K-12 public schools professional development (PD) refers to the ongoing training and support provided to teachers, administrators, and other education professionals in K-12 public schools. The purpose of professional development is to improve the quality of education and ensure that educators have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to be effective in their roles.

Professional development for K-12 public schools may include a variety of activities, such as:
* Workshops and conferences
* Online training and webinars
* Coaching and mentoring
* Collaborative planning and teaching
* Peer observation and feedback
* Independent study and self-directed learning

The benefits of professional development for K-12 public schools include:
* Improved teacher and leader effectiveness
* Increased student achievement and success
* Enhanced curriculum and instructional practices
* Improved school climate and culture
* Increased use of technology in the classroom

There are many different approaches to professional development for K-12 public schools, and the specific approach used will depend on the needs and goals of the school or district. Some common models include:
* Collaborative professional development
* Personalized professional development
* Data-driven professional development
* Technology-based professional development

Staff PD Resources


Use this link to calculate meal reimbursements for travel.


Mobile Mind sessions are self-paced and are monitored by your school's facilitator and the Supervisor of Federal Programs and Professional Development.


The Travel Absence Request Form must be completed BEFORE professional development travel takes place.