Doug Moore
Director of Student Services
(423) 472-9571

Cliff Eason
Student & Facilities Support Specialist
(423) 339-0902

Dr. Alicia Kahrs
Well-Being Specialist

Laura Hudson
School Health Coordinator

Maria Herrero
District Interpreter Coordinator
423-250-5804 ext. 4018

Student Services

The Student Services Department of Cleveland City Schools is responsible for a wide range of critical functions aimed at ensuring the well-being, safety, and support of students throughout the district. It serves as the district liaison for homeless education, overseeing the implementation of the McKinney-Vento Act to address the needs of homeless students. The department also functions as the Federal Rights Coordinator, handling civil rights matters, including Title VI (Civil Rights) and Title IX (Gender Rights and Sexual Harassment).

Furthermore, the Student Services Department manages Cross-Zone Concerns and acts as the liaison for School Resource Officers with the Cleveland Police Department and Juvenile Court to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. It also serves as the parent liaison for grades K-12, facilitating communication and engagement between parents and the school system.

The department is involved in overseeing student attendance patterns, disciplinary hearings, and proof of residence and rezoning procedures. It also maintains and oversees student records and transcripts. Additionally, the department takes care of the coordination of efforts to provide safe and healthful facilities in coordination with the Director of Operations.

Emergency preparedness is a significant focus, as the department oversees the development, implementation, and maintenance of health and safety plans, emergency management, and contingency operating plans. It collaborates with local emergency responders and serves as the school district's Emergency Service Coordinator during times of emergency crisis.

Interacting with various stakeholders, the Student Services Department works with parents, media representatives, higher education institutions, private schools, businesses, textbook publishers, the State Department of Education, the Board of Education, and community agencies. The department also ensures compliance with board policies related to student services and stays informed about current industry trends and issues pertaining to health, safety, and facility security.

In summary, the Student Services Department plays a vital role in supporting students' well-being and safety, handling civil rights matters, coordinating emergency preparedness efforts, and facilitating communication between parents and the school district.