Board of Education

The Cleveland City Board of Education is a governing body that oversees the public schools in the city of Cleveland, Tennessee. Comprised of seven members who are elected from each of the five voting districts, the board is responsible for setting educational policies, making budget decisions, and ensuring that the schools in the district provide quality education to all students.

The Cleveland City Board of Education is committed to providing a high-quality education to all students, and to working collaboratively with the community to achieve this goal. If you have any questions or concerns about the district or its schools, please do not hesitate to contact the board. 

Nate Tucker headshot


Nate Tucker 

City At-Large

Andy Lay headshot

Andy Lay

District 3

Facilities Committee Chair

Jodi Riggins headshot

Jodi Riggins

District 5

Policy Review & Recommendations Committee

Peggy Pesterfield headshot

Peggy Pesterfield

District 4

Facilities Committee Member

Carolyn Ingram headshot


Carolyn Ingram

District 1

TSBA Legislative Liaison

Krista McKay headshot

Krista McKay

District 2

Facilities Committee Member

Mathew Coleman headshot

Matthew Coleman

City At-Large

Policy Review & Recommendations Committee

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