School Board Appreciation Week

School Board Appreciation Week is January 24-30, 2021 in Tennessee. This week helps build awareness and understanding of the vital functions our locally elected boards of education play in our community. Cleveland City Schools is joining public school districts from across the state to celebrate School Board Appreciation Week and honor local board members for their commitment to Cleveland and its children.

Director of Schools, Dr. Russell Dyer, states, “The Cleveland City Schools Board of Education is committed to what’s best for our community.  They understand the needs of our students, employees, and the City of Cleveland and help prioritize what our district needs to do to move us forward.  I appreciate their hard work and willingness to be public servants during such a difficult time as we face a global pandemic.”

The members serving our district are as follows: Dawn Robinson - Chairman, 3rd District.  Krista McKay - Vice Chairman, 2nd District.  Peggy Pesterfield - Chairman Pro-Term, 4th District.  Tom Cloud - 5th District.  Carolyn Ingram - 1st District.  Charlie Cogdill - At Large.  Nate Tucker - At Large.  Thank you Cleveland City Schools board members for envisioning the future!