FMX Full Motion Flight Simulator

Director of Cleveland City Schools, Dr. Russell Dyer, is proud to announce Cleveland High School has received an Aviation Grant in the amount of $31,134 from the Tennessee Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division. This grant will provide additional equipment and technology for the Cleveland High School Aviation Program.

Dr. Dyer stated, “I appreciate the Tennessee Department of Transportation seeing the vision we have for our aviation program at Cleveland High School.  The opportunities afforded our students to learn the science of flight will greatly benefit them as they prepare for their future careers."

In addition to the equipment and technology, teachers and students will be able to experience rigorous real world, hands-on technology in the aviation industry. The Red Bird Aviation trainers will be located in the existing aviation classroom where students and teachers will be able to utilize the equipment and technology to enhance their learning experiences.

As Cleveland High School pursues opportunities that display aviation careers, funds received from the TDOT Aviation Grant will be a tremendous complement to our school-wide STEM initiative and our Aviation Program as we continue to expand our academic opportunities for all students.